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Our story

How did swapface come about? Where did the idea come from? And what's the point with the mask faces? Hear for yourself ...

At the end of April 2020 Svanja will visit her sister Lilia in Berlin to help her move - the first reunion since the lockdown period!
During a trip together on the subway, the two sisters find that they are both worried about what changes in communication by wearing a mask and covering the lower part of the face.
Svanja and Lilia are both entrepreneurs and active networkers, for whom togetherness and communication are always in the foreground.

So they begin to wonder what kind of facial expression the people in the subway around them might have and soon start joking. They describe to each other which funny facial expressions they could associate with people.
Since both sisters are wearing a white mask, Lilia suddenly has an idea! She pulls out a pencil and draws her sister's lips and eyelashes on the mask. Both have to laugh out loud when Svanja looks at each other in the window of the subway - especially when Svanja gives her sister a mustache without further ado. An idea was born ...

The people around her also have a great time with the two sisters. A conversation ensues that entertains half the wagon. One woman even asked for a drawing on her mask. She got a lip with a piercing.

When they got off the subway, it was clear to the two sisters what they wanted to do: Found a joint company to bring people with their masks into emotional contact!