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Instructions for use

Our masks are definitely something special - the cut created by our product designer therefore requires some explanation:

1. How do I put the mask on correctly?

It's very easy: adjust the nose clip, put on ear loops and pull out the lower mask fold to the desired length.

2. How do I adjust the ear loops correctly?

To adjust, simply adjust the knot to the desired length and then hide it elegantly in the drawstring. 

3. Can I wash the mask?
You can wash the mask at 60 ° C (by hand or in the washing machine) or place it in steam to disinfect (stretch a cloth over a kettle or pot of boiling water and place the mask on top). Pull the mask evenly when it is wet and dry. Then your mask is free of viruses and bacteria again!

4. Can I iron the mask?
Yes. It is best to iron with a damp cloth. Please make sure that you do not iron directly over the nasal wire, as it is coated with plastic.